“Jill has an unparalleled level of professionalism and is always willing to go the extra mile to accommodate clients. I’d highly recommend her to my most distinguished guests and colleagues.” ~Laura Dern

I have a very full career and am often stressed. Before I met Jill, I’d never realized how much anxiety and emotion I hold in my body, resulting from fights with my husband, from traumatic events, or from ongoing struggles with my family. My massage therapy with Jill is, hands down, the most empowering, nurturing thing I have ever done for my health. With her guidance, understanding, and empathy, I finally have a non-verbal outlet for so much of the pain, anguish, and grief that I have been unconsciously storing in my body.”  ~K.C.

“Jill is an amazingly talented healer.  It is clear that she is following a calling.  Her intuition and empathy allow her to channel energy to & focus on the precise areas needing work.  The results of her body/energy work on me have made me feel healthier and more energetic than I have in years, and this is after numerous operations due to cancer. I (and my doctors) have seen noticeable results.” ~R.P.

“My bodywork sessions with Jill have given me an outlet and safe space to release deep seated emotional pain.  My body feels like a weight has been lifted!”  ~J.M.

“Reiki has been invaluable in training my mind and body to take a deep sigh and relax.  My Reiki sessions with Jill are something I look forward to every week – they calm, and literally transform me.”  ~A.D.

“I have suffered from severe migraines for years.  I tried various treatments, all of which worked to some degree, but I’d never found any treatment that completely made my migraine go away – that is, until I met Jill.  I came in to see her one day with sunglasses, nausea, and a throbbing heading, and I left with a smile on my face and feeling like myself again.  Her ability to focus immense healing energy with subtle precision is a gift.  Her intuition is remarkable;  she finds the source of your pain and then gently works it away.  If you have migraines or any pains, Jill is the person you have to see – highly recommended!”  ~R.A.