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“When I entered One Healing’s airy studio in Brentwood and met Jill, I quickly became aware of the great passion she brings to her work, which is not simply massage, but healing. Jill says if you’re looking for Swedish massage, you’ve come to the wrong place. One Healing is all about deep, healing massage. And when I say deep, I mean ridding your tissues of toxic emotions kind of deep. In fact, psychotherapists often refer Jill to clients who have hit a wall in terms of talk therapy. Jill works out the emotions that are still locked into their tissues, such as those resulting from post-traumatic stress and body image disorders. But I can assure you her techniques also work for regular stressed-out people. When I laid down on her table, she let me know I was in a safe place and whatever emotional release I might have was absolutely OK and acceptable. Her soothing voice guided me through deep breathing and assisted stretches. She was cautious and gentle, yet firm, as she focused her attention on the upper body, where she found the most tension. She also worked my pressure points, specifically a doozy behind the ears. Afterward, she described in detail the way my tissue reacted to her touch, and lamented not having more time for the treatment.”