In this signature treatment, you will experience a combination of shiatsu, deep tissue, and Swedish modalities, as well as Reiki.  Each session is tailored to the individual client and may include breath work, positive affirmation dialog, guided visualization, quantum theta work, & intuitive healing.  The Cotu Method pinpoints areas of the body where there are pent-up emotions stored in the tissues, and facilitates an awareness and eventual release of stress and past trauma.  The goal is to break through emotional scars, blocked energy, and physical armoring all of which can lead to physical as well as psychological pain.

“I developed this technique with a focus on the structural muscles that have been found to hold strong emotional charges. I’m thrilled when clients comment that The Cotu Method led to profound release and was unlike any other treatment.” -Jill Cotu

The Cotu Method may be booked at The Valley Salt Cave for an extraordinary experience.


Your body has many layers of muscle and fascia, (connective tissue).  Deep Tissue massage goes deep into the body, beyond the superficial layers, to release chronic tension and knots.  These knots, also called adhesions, can block circulation of blood, oxygen, and chi, causing pain, inflammation, and limited movement.  Deep tissue massage can physically eliminate adhesions, removing pain and restoring vitality.


For the mommy-to-be. Pregnancy is a beautiful, sacred time in a woman’s life, but it may be accompanied by discomfort. One Healing employs the side posture technique to soothe sore muscles and promote a general sense of well-being. Aromatherapy included.


Reiki is a form of ‘laying of hands’ energy healing.

Humans are made of energy, this is science. Picture a circle around yourself. This circle represents your unique electro-magnetic energy. Now imagine yourself in a crowded park, amongst others who also have circles around themselves. What you should begin to visualize is something akin to the Olympic 5-ring symbol, on a grander scale. You (and your energy) do not exist and function independently. To take it a step further, your energy, which is affected by your daily thoughts, stress, & emotions, touches and affects others and vice versa. Tai chi, qi gong, acupuncture, and Reiki are based on this principle and the idea that energy can be harnessed and channeled.

During a session, the practitioner accesses a universal energy connecting us all, and channels it into their client by simply putting their hands over the person in a number of learned positions. While energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can be manipulated and transformed. There is no mystery to this technique. Reiki gives your energy a boost, and identifies areas in your body that need attention or healing.

If you place a book on your stomach, what happens? All your attention is suddenly focussed on the presence of an object on the abdomen, and by default, the abdomen. To illustrate how this connects to Reiki, I use an example of treating someone in grief. Giving Reiki to this person would involve laying hands over the chest. The client may not be allowing them self to express grief and emotion. As a result, the lungs and muscles around the heart may be constricted as a means of coping and self-protection, manifesting as hunched shoulders and shallow breathing. Reiki acts as the aforementioned book; it focusses energy and allows it to flow into the area of concern, reminding the client to give more attention there. At the same time, it begins to shift the energy from negative to positive, from low vibration to high vibration. Says author Pamela Miles, “Reiki does not treat conditions; it is a spiritual healing practice  that promotes balance.” It is as simple as that. Reiki practitioners surround a client with loving, positive energy, helping the person to relax, which in itself opens the door to healing and restoration.

From a strictly Western perspective, everyone needs to be touched; gentle, soothing touch stimulates your brain to produce ‘feel good’ hormones/chemicals. Further, studies have shown that hospital patients who receive Reiki treatments recover more quickly from injury and disease, proving it to be an excellent adjunct to more traditional means of healing. Reiki can be done while one is fully clothed, and is a good option for those who cannot receive deeper bodywork, including new mothers, the elderly, cancer patients, and other who are very ill.